Up and Coming Atlanta Based Pop/Rap artist Nicky Will

Whats up guys!

My name is Nicky Will. I was born and raised in Upstate New York. I always had an ear for music and began working on my craft when I was 17. Years later after feeling ready enough I made the move to the ATL where I linked up with a top producer along with some other great people. So far Ive released 3 singles on ITunes along with 2 music videos. March 17th I will be releasing my latest single and video ”Save Me” Featuring Bess Beckmann. The song touches on the harsh reality of young girls who struggle with self image and the idea of not feeling socially accepted. The video portrays the very struggles resulting in the ultimate lows, along with the overcoming of these issues by the girl in the video resulting in ultimate highs. Feel free to share and comment!


Thanks again!