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Stolen Apple are pleased to announce ”Daydream”, new videoclip (and single), a song inspired by a poem written by Daniela Pagani, Florentine singer and poet.
The video – presented exclusively and premiered by Indie-Eye – is now on the official youtube channel of Audioglobe. Daydream is realized by Michele Faggi with the video archives of Kinodv – video productions.
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Title: DAYDREAM   





Video production country: ITALY   



dedicated to the poet DANIELA PAGANI created by MICHELE FAGGI for KinoDV productions ( Daydream is the tenth track of Trenches, the debut album of the Florentine rock band Stolen Apple released at the end of 2016. Poetry that joins the music, Daydream is a soft ballad characterized by an intimate mood. The use of Max Zatini’s harmonica, which gives the song a delicate and evocative musicality, the guitars of Riccardo Dugini and Luca Petrarchi, first suffused then rough, the rhythmic section of Alessandro Pagani slightly syncopated and never over the top, the voice vaguely melancholic and a refrain to more choirs than MDGA and A. Pichi, make the song an exclusive and inclusive exploration of an emotional and lyrical content: the text is in fact drawn from the dreamy verses of Daniela Pagani, poet and first Florentine singer to have participated at the historical Italian Zecchino d’Oro Festival in 1970, who died prematurely at the age of 22. The poem contained in the ”Silver Horses” collection that Alessandro Pagani (drummer of Stolen Apple and brother of Daniela) wanted to translate into English, tells a mysterious dream: amongst fountains overflowing with water in an abandoned and unknown country, Daniela wanders through its empty streets, imagining to repair them all, through a confused, nebulous, suggestive and didactic sequence, just like in a dream. Here is the original poem: ”I turned in the alley of the small town / and I heard a constant noise / I approached / a fountain lost / I tried to tighten / then I saw another that lost / I squeezed / then yet another that lost / tightened / I returned back / and all the fountains lost again / I fixed them / then I sat in a chair / I put a blanket on / and I fell asleep / dreamed that all the fountains / did not drip anymore / I was happy / I dreamed ”. For ”Daydream”, Michele Faggi and kinodv productions have made the official videoclip:

”Found footage in an almost pure state – says Michele Faggi – because it was conceived from original cinematic films, searched, collected, donated and acquired for the KinoDV archives. For Daydream I have used more ”travel” collections that overall exceed 20 hours of footage, rigorously made in Super 8 and 8mm film and covering a time span of twenty years, starting from the early sixties. The poem written by Daniela Pagani and Alessandro Pagani of Stolen Apple translated into English for the song Daydream extracted from the Trenches album, is an intimist and at the same time oniric vision. It tells of a place of the mind, of desire and of memory. Starting from these elements I tried to reconstruct the narration of a non-place, combining together very different perspectives coming from the south of the world. There are many possible stories: the memory of a lover, a story of migrant souls, the separation from the places of one’s childhood, the elaboration of a loss, the journey as a perennial and even inner condition, the West which includes checking with the look at what he does not know. The assembly brings together incongruous places and creates a possible, recombinable from their relationship with memory. For the video we tried to keep some defects of the film unaltered, both due to wear and to ”wrong” and probably ”unwanted by the operator”, a sort of accurate error search, to create a different rhythm, based on the waste, on the voids and on the material definition of time ”.
⦁ The song Daydream was broadcast simultaneously in more than eighty European radio stations during the show ”22 minutes, one week of Europe in Italy” on Friday 21 April 2017.