Someone Else

This song is a creative blend of unconventional instruments pulled together by my solid lead vocal and piano performance to keep it grounded and original. It is a deep ballet that has an Elton John vibe to it on the piano, a Sara Bareilles mixed with The Cure voice, and a strong, smooth beat. It is also a true story. A year ago, I was still figuring my sexuality and had doubt about my feelings for women due to traditional societal norms. This relationship helped me realize there was something more that I felt with women. My partner at the time came from a non-supportive family. We both ended the relationship out of fear. Fear of society. We should be happy with ourselves before starting a relationship of any kind. Being happy isn’t easy when society shuts us away. Some of LGBT are faced to be homeless and we don’t have the same equal rights as all people. From this relationship, I knew I could actually fall in love with a woman and be happy. She realized to be happy too despite what her family thought. Happiness is the most important thing in life. There are not enough LGBTQ songs + music videos out there, especially portraying interracial couples and the challenges that come with certain cultures. This is a very powerful song that people love to listen to over and over again. 

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