Pure love – Produced By DJ Gosh Fire

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Pure love means to want nothing. Pure love cannot be given it can only be shared by two beings of equal pure intensity – its when two individuals don’t share the same pure love, that that quality of exchange turns into a need for help, sympathy, comfort, approval, confirmation or sense of security etc., whereby one (giver) is forever filling a bottomless pit in the other (taker), with so-called love.

Pure love does not expect anything. Pure love does not demand. Pure love is natural, gracious and freeing. In pure love I am detached, meaning I am unaffected by the outcome. I am detached from the outset… I do not hold onto anything. I let go and accept the person or the situation. Having pure love means to bring others closer to themselves and to their inner truth.

Pure love means to keep the highest attitude and vision for every soul. God’s love is the purest. He doesn’t measure his love nor love you on Tuesdays and not Thursdays! His love is constant and truly altruistic. Although we can’t be God, we can learn that divine love has to be of the same measure – pure, constant and selfless..