Politicize-Muslim Ban

What is ”Muslim Ban”? Well it’s more than just my new music video. ”Muslim Ban” is a conscious message that speaks directly to the world about the illegal banning of people from 6 nations simply for being of the Islamic faith. Trump states that this travel ban has nothing to do with bias against Muslims, and everything to do with security. But if that’s so, than why are Christians from these banned countries being given priority to come to the US? Does that not speak volumes about this mans hypocrisy? Muslim Ban is the newest work by hiphop artist Politicize. Straight from Philly were the love is sparse, Politicize dives in head first to confront Trump and his policy that goes against the very fabric of American society. The beat itself is produced masterfully by Detroit Native Jason Porter who has infused Arabic samples throughout the song, giving the track the feel of struggle, one are all a part of. I invite you all to challenge this ban. Watch the new video and support the movement.