Beneath the Fallen – "Swollen" – Official music video

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**Music Video of Beneath the Fallen performing ”Swollen” -2018**


–Featuring guest vocals by Marc Coronado of ”The Crowned”–




Domestic violence/abuse is a serious matter. ”Swollen” was inspired and written from true events.


If you or someone you know may be a victim, reach out to these resources now!







Justin Williams – Producer/Director/Guitarist & Vocals

Kraevin Caedo – Production Coordinator/ Vocals

Frank Williams – Executive Producer/ Guitarist

Stan Petraitis – Drums

Carol Cabrero – Bass

Nikki Kris- Actress/Victim/Co-Producer

Dustin Cason – Actor/Paramour

Frederick Coleman – Actor/Neighbor/Secret Lover

Marc Coronado – Camera Operator/Co-Director

Jackie Schutza – PA/Second Assistant Camera

Devina Tempesta – SFX Makeup/Wardrobe

Rusty Wood – Acadian Management

Clayton Nord – EMT with Acadian Ambulance Service

Gerald Kazin – EMT with Acadian Ambulance Service

Patrick South – Chief of Elgin PD

Nichole Acuna – Police Officer of City of Elgin PD

Chelsea Deal – Police Officer of City of Elgin PD

Location: Louvier Property/Elgin TX


Video Editing by Crown Studios & Willguard Productions

Audio Recording/Mixing by Keith Armstrong

Audio Mastering by Justin Schturtz