Anon – Rise Up [Official Video]

The latest release from Anon is a fast paced, thought provoking ’call to arms’ – inviting all believers

to ’Rise Up’ and be counted, to make a stand for the name of Jesus.

In a refreshing break from the laid back hip-hop vibes we have grown accustomed to from Anon,

this song is brought together over a part acoustic, part EDM inspired arrangement at a tempo

familiar to UK Grime.

As we expect by now the project is lyrically sound, with metaphors and clever word play, ever

changing flows and a deep seat in scriptural teachings. Anon speaks of how he has no choice but to

rise up, and make some noise for the author of his salvation.

With a chorus from Scottish folk & EDM vocalist Holly Drummond we are once again invited to witness the true artistic vision from which Anon continues to bring his views on life’s situations through a plethora of musical genres.