Andrew Hetherington (feat. Snez) – Spirits Fly

Spirits Fly is an original composition by Australian songwriter Andrew Hetherington.  The song is about when you feel on top of the world, when your ’spirits fly’ and there is quite a lot of mental imagery portrayed with the lyrics of the song. The song has been written with the idea in mind of the music beginning with a single instrument, in this case the piano and building up through each subsequent verse. Each verse leads up to a soaring chorus and then down again via an instrumental refrain to the next verse. Andrew has written the music and lyrics to 20 songs, Spirits Fly is his first professionally recorded song. The genres Andrew writes are pop, rock and instrumental, his songs have a very strong melody and are quite catchy after a couple of listens.


Spirits Fly is sung by Snez.

Recorded by Stewart Peters at Soundshed Music Productions.

Written by Andrew Hetherington

Copyright Andrew Hetherington 2018. All rights reserved.