The Symbols are: Mer Sal- vocals, bass Jasco - guitar Ika Pekelo - drums The Symbols are a female fronted trio from Fort Collins Colorado that rock a strat in the style of "spiritual porn rock". Their pre-modern, eccentric sound is a culmination of older rootsy styles, including rock, blues, funk, and jazz, with an overall pop melodic sensibility. Their style is a unique treat when you listen to the attention that goes into rearranging their cover songs. A brand of their own music, they're difficult to describe - but instantly easy to recognize. The Symbols have released 4 EP length CDs and quite recently their first full length album, SMILE, produced by none other than Phil Brown (Little Feat, Pat Benitar, Ace Freheley, Bonnie Tyler). Songwriter, lead vocalist, bass player, and female partner of The Symbols, Mer Sal is like a fine wine, growing more potent with each performance. She expresses her truest feelings using a range and precision of vocal expression, inspired by many of the jazz, blues and funk greats of the 20th and 21st century. Mer Sal is an interpretive vocal artist to the core, and a lifelong singer. Songwriting and performing is not only what she does for a living, it is what she lives to do -- Mer lives and loves to share. Her solid bass grooves also hold the band together. Jasco’s guitar sings with passion or screams with fury as he squeezes drops of soul from bent strings. In addition to rock-blues-funk stylings, Jasco’s musical depth is explored with subtle additions of flamenco, jazz, and classical textures. A year before The Symbols formed, Jasco threw all of his guitar picks out the window, and since that day, has only played with his fingers. You will be amazed at the way he is able to manipulate guitar sounds today using only his hands and a strat. Though some might say the force of music flows through him and he is a muse. Quite recently, Larry Thompson (Otis Taylor Band, Dizzy Gillespie, Bobby Fuller) recorded drums on The Symbols' album "Smile". His subtle rhythmic intricacies can be found across the album, and add wonderfully to the style created by The Symbols and guitar-phenom Phil Brown in collaboration. The Symbols play across Colorado and Wyoming, and have traveled to Kansas, Oklahoma, and California in recent times. Look for The Symbols at a venue near you in the future.

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