Returning to Canada in 2015 ILLA Streight had become a complete artist now, learning how to produce beats and also write to them his feel for music was natural and the motivation to complete his current project "Painting Pictures With Words" was inspired. With tracks such as "Welcome to the North" and "The Night Awaits", hip hop heads can hear the versatility in his style with a smooth laid back flow compared to the up tempo funky track. The Ep offers ILLA Streight's debut video for his self titled single and "Liv Az 1", both directed by Westnyle Fx, plus more than half of the songs are produced /written by ILLA Streight. What the future holds is unknown for ILLA all he is concentrating on is making positive real music and try to get it heard by as many of those who need to hear it. Noticing the void between the West Indies and Canada within the hip hop community, that was reason good enough for ILLA to start releasing his own music again with the intentions of building a common ground between rich and poor nations using music to engage and uplifting each other.

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